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Why consulting jobs are on the rise worldwide

Updated: Mar 4, 2021

As entrepreneurs and small business owners increasingly look to find ways to improve their companies and increase their profit amid a disruptive backdrop, the need for high quality consultancy has grown strongly.

Growing demand for consulting services has expanded the number of firms and independent consultants in the industry. In the US for instance, the number of management consultants employed rose from 540,440 in 2012 to 684,470 last year.

But alongside the overall trend of more consultants, there has been a specific rise in the popularity of specialist consultants across the world. Often when business think about consultants, they consider only very broad types of consultancy, such as management consultants, strategy consultants, or IT consultants. However, while this type of consultancy is obviously still hugely important for companies, there has been a far greater rise in the number of niche consultants.

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